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Cineteca di Bologna

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A Hub for Film Culture

Cineteca di Bologna is part of the Bologna municipal authority's cultural sector. In 1995 the city administration recognized the Cineteca as an autonomous cultural institution, and since then it has had its own board, chairman and director.

Working for the Past and the Future

The Cineteca preserves and restores our cinematic heritage in order to make it accessible today and to allow its future survival. It is equally active in cultural promotion and support for the creation and distribution of films made by young people. This work is aided by the Film Commission, run by the Cineteca.

A Showcase of Activities

An extensive archive of over 50,000 films, available for borrowing or viewing on-site, is joined by L'Immagine Ritrovata, an entirely publicly owned workshop for film restoration and processing and the Renzo Renzi Library of Cinema and Photography. Here the public can view and study films and photographs, listen to soundtracks and consult private collections and archives which have been acquired by the Cineteca or are being stored here. These include the Pier Paolo Pasolini Research Centre and Archive, the Chaplin Project and the Marcello Mastroianni study centre.
The Cineteca is involved in a number of various promotional activities in fields such as education - exemplified by the Schermi e Lavagne project, Ipotesi Cinema, Officinema, La bottega dei mestieri and Fronte del Pubblico - and programming, with daily screenings held in the Cinema Lumière, festivals like Officinema, Slow Food on Film, Il Cinema Ritrovato and Human Rights Nights and the summer event Sotto le stelle del cinema.
Special events, participation in major international film festivals and a rich, scholarly range of publications all add up to creating the Cineteca's strong identity.