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Bologna Section

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The Bologna section of the Photo Archive incorporates over 800,000 images from 1873 to 2000, acquired by or given to the Cineteca. It contains the entire body of work of several photographers from Bologna as well as individual images, small collections, family albums, postcards and stereographs. The Bologna section comprises the following collections:

Enrico Pasquali
A photographer during the post-WWII era who shot political and trade-union events, building sites, public works and monuments, Enrico Pasquali also captured daily life in the Emilian countryside and mountain villages.

Studio Camera
Studio Camera documented Bologna’s social and political life from the end of the 19th century to 1986, especially the events of the 1930s and 40s. From their historic studio at Via Indipendenza 33, Giuseppe Camera and his sons Aldo, Pietro and Decio reported on current affairs, photographed art, industry and family life, and took thousands of portraits and passport-size photos of Bologna’s citizens.

Nino Comaschi
After training at a photo studio, at the end of 1935 Nino Comaschi began working as a photographer for the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, shooting sports events (mostly soccer matches) and later political and civil life. During World War II Comaschi worked as a journalist for the Giornale dell’Emilia and again for Il Resto del Carlino.

Aldo Ferrari
Aldo Ferrari worked as a photojournalist in Bologna from 1949 to the early 1970s before becoming the news editor of the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino. In 2002 he donated all of his photographs to the Cineteca’s Photo Archive.
Paolo Monti
At the request of the city administration, between 1969 and 1970 Paolo Monti completed a photographic census of Bologna’s historic centre.

Ente Manifestazioni Artistiche
Between 1978 and 1987 the Ente Manifestazioni Artistiche, an art events organization, invited the photographers Cagnoni, Fontcuberta, Sam Haskins and Boubat to take pictures in Bologna.

19th-Century Bologna
Images from different photographers capturing the events and monuments of Bologna in the 1800s.

20th-Century Bologna
Different collections of 20th century photographs that over the years have become part of the archive.

City of Bologna Collection
This collection contains 615 historical and artistic images, kept by the city in a special “Mobiletto.”

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