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The film section of the Photo Archive consists of over 350,000 stills, images from film productions, portraits of actors and directors, divided in the following collections:

Giuseppe Galliadi
A man of great foresight, Giuseppe Galliadi amassed a large collection of prints and negatives that gradually became part of the Cineteca archive.

Piero Tortolina
Piero Tortolina was a collector of photographs and negatives, which are now the patrimony of the Cineteca.

Mario Natale
This collection includes photographs, postcards and other materials collected by Mario Natale during his long career in film production.

Angelo Novi
The work of Angelo Novi, a great photojournalist and film photographer, was donated to the Cineteca by his heirs.

Franco Pinna
Franco Pinna was an extraordinary photographer, specializing in ethnographic documentation and current-affairs reporting for some of Italy’s biggest weekly magazines. After meeting Federico Fellini, he worked extensively with the director as a photographer.

Joseph Alexis Joye
The Cineteca acquired the collection of Abbot Joseph Alexis Joye’s stills of world literature classics (from the Bible to Ali Baba), created between 1898 and 1919 as educational tools that could transcend linguistic and cultural barriers.

Miscellany and the Toponi Collection
Two small collections of postcards that comprise around 3000 portraits of the most famous actors and actresses of the silent era as well as promotional photo albums made for the launch of Italian films during the 1930s and 40s.

The archive also includes the collections of Alfredo Bini, Alessandro Blasetti, Leda Gys, Libero Grandi, Italia – URSS, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pierluigi Raffaelli, Renzo Renzi and Davide Turconi.

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